Packages and Schedule

Spinning® & Fusion Classes

1st  Class $5 (If you have purchased a package and reserved a bike on line, please let me know it is your 1st Class.  With a $5 payment when you come to class, I will credit you back a class in your existing package)

1   Class $21

5   Classes $85 (8 Weeks exp. date)

5   Classes $65 (4 Weeks exp. date)

5   Summer Spinning Classes $100 (4 Weeks exp. date)*

10 Classes $160 (7 Weeks exp. date)

10 Classes $120 (5 Weeks exp. date)

10 Classes $100 (3 Weeks exp. date)

10 Classes $130 (With training program) (16 Weeks exp. date)

*Summer classes are 1 HR. A little longer than our standard rides, this workout will push your endurance limits!  You will conquer various terrains including hill climbs and fast flats working with RPMs (rotations per minute), and gears (resistance) to push you for as long as you can go!  

MEMBERS AND GUESTS WELCOME!  Membership at Keys Fitness Center is not necessary to take one of my classes.

Pay by the class.  (Walk-ins welcome when available)


Package Details

$1 out of each package greater than $100 sold online will be donated to “SNIP” our local spay neuter organization for cats and dogs.  

10% discount with a valid Marathon high school Id.  Email me for details

Three or more people any time/day you want. (Subject to availability)

All packages fees are made payable in full and in advance.

All Classes are subject to change and may even be cancelled at times.  You will be notified if you have registered for a class or session that has been cancelled.  The Class Schedule will be updated on a regular basis and will be available on the website with changes and notifications.

For your own safety, please consult a physician before participating in new exercise activities, especially if you have a history of heart problems, high blood pressure or suffer from diabetes.

Reservations are available with a month in advance for registered users.  Choose your class and reserve a bike.  You will then be prompted for payment* with credit card**or a credit will be charged from your existing package.

Class Cancellation: A reserved bike in a class can be cancelled with up to 10 hr. before class, if the class is not cancelled within that time, there will be no refunds unless the actual class is cancelled.

*Payments can be also made in check or cash in person.(Registration required).

**Small fee associated with credit card payment.